Agreement with the Garages Guild to provide real-time information on the availability of parking spaces in Barcelona’s car parks

 Presentation of the agreement with the Garage Guild to facilitate the real-time consultation of information and availability of parking spaces in Barcelona

Private-vehicle users will have information at hand, through their mobiles, on 150 car parks and 45,000 outdoor public-highway parking places

SMOU personal-mobility app users will be able to perform real-time queries on the availability of 75% of parking places found in the city from the app

The new function will help to reduce the time and effort of finding parking places, thereby cutting road traffic, the occupation of public space and pollution

You can now find out all about parking availability before you leave home thanks to an initiative from Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Garages Guild. Private-vehicle users can now check for the location of more than 45,000 parking places through Barcelona’s personal-mobility app, SMOU.

Under the agreement city residents will be provided with practical information on more than 150 car parks run by various operators belonging to the Barcelona Garages Guild, such as the B:SM Car Park Network, BAMSA, SABA, Interparking, Telpark, Garatge Santa Rosa, Garaje Garcilaso, Central Parking Barcelona, Onix Renta, GP Trade, Parking 2000, Parkia, ASECAT, Garajes Rocas, Parking Cienfuegos, Aramunt, Garatge Santa Perpètua, El Nou Raval, Parking IMSA, Parkings Plafer, Parking Legalitat, Parking Park, Parking Principal, Garatge Londres, Agrupació Bonet, Garatge Carles, Parking Balmes, Copark, Aparcament Dr. Roig i Raventós and Parking Aldana. 

In addition, users can perform real-time queries to check the availability of 75% of places available from the app, a figure that will steadily grow thanks to the collaboration of the Garages Guild. 

A technological solution promoting sustainable mobility

This new function will enable private-vehicle users to find out, from their mobile, the closest available parking place to their destination. This will enable routes to be planned and simplified, thereby reducing the time it takes to find a parking place. It will consequently have a direct effect on the volume of road traffic, the occupation of public space and pollution. 

Through this project, operators belonging to the Barcelona Garages Guild are showing their support for the promotion of sustainable, safe, digital, integrated and planned mobility that helps to reduce road traffic, the occupation of public space and the volume of polluting emissions.

User experience takes centre stage

The experience and needs of private-vehicle users have been at the centre of the project design at all times. The map of Barcelona offers a visual, intuitive display of the location of each of the 150 car parks on which information is provided so users can find the off-street parking options that are available in the city.

Users can access a detailed file on each car park, stating access point addresses, opening times, type of vehicles admitted, available places, the various prices/hour, the list of services offered in the car park (including 24-hour opening, car sharing, electric charging, video-surveillance, vehicle-guidance system, places for people with reduced mobility, mobile phone coverage, payments by app or card) and information on gauge and maximum width for accessing the car park.

As for availability of parking places, real-time information is shown intuitively from the car park location point on the map in the app. The user is given sufficient information, expressed simply and immediately through a traffic-light indicator, so they can make a decision as to where to park. So, green indicates high availability of unoccupied parking places; yellow, medium availability of places; red, low availability of places; and, if there is no information at the time of the query, the colour will be grey.

One app, a multitude of services

Boasting more than 570,000 users and a million and half operations a month, SMOU is an app that promotes intermodality in mobility in a simple, intuitive, sustainable and safe way. It also allows users to plan and personalise their journeys without any need to download other applications.