New escape room in Barcelona Zoo’s Invertebrates Area


From this Saturday, 15 October, visitors to the Zoo can try their luck at an escape room in the Invertebrates Area

Also from this weekend onwards, Zoo Club members can enjoy the new Nature Passport activity ‘Primates and Humans: First Cousins’

To coincide with the arrival of autumn, Barcelona Zoo is introducing new activities for all the family. From this Saturday, 15 October, the Zoo’s most daring visitors can try their luck at an escape room in the Invertebrates Area. This free activity, which requires advance booking on the Barcelona Zoo website, is suitable for the whole family and will be available until 27 November.

Participants will enter the Escape Room in the new Invertebrates Area in groups. They will be accompanied by a Barcelona Zoo educator and, once inside, they will have to answer a series of invertebrate-related questions to be able to leave again. Specifically, the activity highlights the vital role of invertebrates like spiders, beetles, worms, and bumblebees in keeping ecosystems balanced, and breaks down the apprehension and phobias often associated with these species. 

Also starting this Saturday, all 80,000 members of the Zoo Club can enjoy a new, free activity as part of the Nature Passport: a programme launched in the summer through which the Zoo aims to raise awareness among its members of the importance of conserving biodiversity and highlight all of its preservation initiatives.  

As part of the new activity, entitled ‘Primates and Humans: First Cousins’, participants will get to learn about primates’ behaviour and study them like real primatologists. The activity lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, and must be booked in advance through the Zoo Club user area on the Barcelona Zoo website. Just like the first activity, participants will receive a new stamp in their Nature Passport when they complete this one.