Tibidabo holds its  ‘Summer without barriers’ festival

A thousand people with functional diversity enjoy the attractions of Tibidabo

This is the 26th edition of its solidarity day, where the Park opens its gates to over 1,000 people with functional diversity so they can enjoy a whole day of activities for free

Tibidabo continues its efforts to make its spaces more accessible and inclusive

Tibidabo Amusement Park is showing its most inclusive by holding of the 26th edition of its “Summer without barriers” solidarity festival. The Park has opened for free today for 1,000 people with functional diversity so they can enjoy its attractions and shows. The event is organised in collaboration with 118 volunteers from the Red Cross and Voluntaris 2000, and with 11 organisations and associations taking part from all around Catalonia.

It is one of the social action projects being run by Tibidabo to promote the inclusion of various groups. “A summer without barriers” is an annual event that ensures the inclusion of people with functional diversity and works to encourage their personal and social independence. This edition has centred on one of the Park's latest new features: the “Cuca de Llum” or glow worm funicular which, thanks to its innovative design, enables space to be freed up and adapted to people with reduced mobility.

The event has been attended by the Fifth Deputy Mayor and Chair of Tibidabo Amusement Park, Albert Batlle.

An ever-more accessible Tibidabo

The Park remains faithful to its inclusive spirit and to its commitment to making its spaces and attractions more accessible. Consequently, its facilities are increasingly being increasingly adapted so more people can enjoy them.  

Tibidabo currently has a preview dossier for checking out the various features of each attraction using descriptive pictograms. This guide enables families and educators to plan their visits to the Park in advance. In addition, an accessibility map was published in 2018 which shows the park with all its available services.

Aside from all that, more than half of the Park’s attractions are fully adapted for people with reduced mobility, including the panoramic big wheel “Giradabo” and “Embruixabruixes”, which has adapted carriages. The Panoramic Area also has a Barcelona panel showing the city’s architectural features and most iconic spaces in Braille. 

You can check out all the Amusement Park’s accessibility-related initiatives in the website’s new accessibility section: www.tibidabo.cat/accessibilitat.