Work to start on improving the Olympic Port external beacons

Old side marking of the Olympic Port

Replacement of the lateral markers in front of the Somorrostro beach, which serve as a navigational aid for access to the mouth of the port, started this week

The work will take three weeks, ensuring minimum operational impact on the port at all times 

This week saw the start of work to improve the external beacons for the Olympic Port. The work will involve replacing the two lateral markers in front of the Somorrostro beach, which help navigation during port entry and exit manoeuvres.  

The renewal of these safety elements in the Olympic Port is necessary due to the structural damage caused by storms in recent years, and the natural dynamics of the sea. 

The work, which will last for three weeks and has a budget of nearly 200,000 euros, is being carried out with the help of a shipboard crane and the support of a team of divers. While the work is in progress, this ship, measuring 19.5 m in length and with a beam of 17 metres, will be docked at the Olympic Port’s Moll de Recer quay. 

The presence of the ship should not affect navigation around the Olympic Port. Sailing into and out of the port will only be restricted while the ship is mooring or leaving the dock. This will take place each day from Monday to Friday at 7 am and 2 pm, and will take around 15 minutes. 

An essential safety element for navigation 

The lateral markers are a type of tubular metal beacon, fixed to the sea floor and rising up out of the sea. Their function is to mark the sides of the navigation channels when approaching or leaving the mouth of the port. This is why they are coloured and fitted with lights to orientate vessels carrying out these manoeuvres. The colour green indicates the starboard side and red the port side of the port. 

The new lateral markers now being installed in the Olympic Port are 25 metres high; 7 of them are buried and 8 rise above sea level. They are similar in size to the current beacons.