Investee companies

We at BSM manage a series of municipal activities and services directly (see the sections «Activities for a healthy and cutting-edge Barcelona» and «Corporate services for an efficient management») and others indirectly, through equity participation in other companies. 

Such equity participation makes us shareholders in a group of corporations made up of 4 companies and our own group, in which we have a majority shareholding (over 50%). We also have a minority shareholding, between 12% and 40%, in a further 5 companies.  

BSM is a public limited company 100% owned by Barcelona City Council.  The BSM group is likewise made up of the following investee companies:

Others Investee Companies
Society Participation
Cementiris de Barcelona 100%
Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A, (TERSA) i el seu Grup 58,35%
Mercabarna, S.A 50,69%