Rules for taking part in BSM social media


Minimum rules for taking part have been established for proper communication on social media operated by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, so that respectful, tolerant and productive communication can be held with city residents. 

Any user can post comments as long as they meet the following requirements: 

•    They are relevant, that is, they do not stray from the issue under discussion. 
•    They are respectful and do not offend or undermine the dignity of others. 
•    They do not contain personal data. 
•    They are not intended to mislead, disorientate or trick city residents. 
•    They do not infringe any copyright or other intellectual-property laws. 
•    They have no promotional or spam content. 

Offensive or inappropriate comments will not be published and people who do not respect these requisites will be blocked. Barcelona de Serveis Municipals will only take responsibility for content it publishes on its channels.