Client care


Who we are?

We have been working in a single venue since October 2015 to improve citizens’ experiences, bearing in mind BSM’s purpose, vision and values. 

We are a large team of 40 multi-specialist individuals, able to attend to phone calls and also to answer complaints / suggestions / demands and assist visitors. We have extensive experience in meeting citizens’ needs. 

We always look for excellence. We provide the tools needed not just for our team but also for city residents, to speed up any procedure whenever possible. We put self-management systems at the disposal of our clients and users to ensure fast and wait-free communication, having the fullest possible information available for resolving incidents. 

We practise active listening, appreciating every client’s experience is unique, to find improvements in our procedures and ensure they have a positive effect on the rest of the population. Training is key to ensuring good care. That's why our team receives ongoing training throughout the year, to meet the needs of city residents, at an average of 50 hours a year per person.


Citizen Help and information Point

Citizen Help and Information Point offer us the support needed to carry out a whole range of management actions linked to BSM’s activities. Having a Citizen Help and Information Point available, located in Eixample and with excellent public-transport links, facilitates the task of providing our clients with the most efficient face-to-face assistance. 

Face-to-face assistance in this office is provided:

Corporate office: from Mondays to Fridays from 8.30 am to 2:30 pm and from 3:30 p.m. to 7.30 pm.

If you prefer through prior appoinment, click here. If you have any queries over procedures, you can resolve them by telephoning 93 887 50 34. 


Location of BSM Citizen Help and Information Point

Corporate office

Calàbria 66, corporate office (ground floor).


How to get there: metro (L1/Rocafort, L2/Sant Antoni, L3/Poble Sec), bus (D50, H12, H16, V9). 


What we do

We attend to over 600,000 communications (including telephone calls, written documents and visits) from each of the services that BSM manages. This multi-channel and multi-specialist assistance guarantees an effective, fast and professional process for our clients and users.  

The multi-channel assistance means we have all the management and customer relations tools we need to provide telephone, face-to-face or written contact, always providing the same information through all channels. Such management can always be carried out through at least two of the three channels, although some information can only be provided in writing or face to face.

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Nº communications resolved 146.982 163.400 219.373 620.848 558.653
Phone number 49% 62% 74% 49% 29%
Written 30% 24% 18% 39% 65%
Face to face 21% 14% 8% 12% 5%
Nº of people 23,6 28,1 28,4 41,2 42,7
Written reply ≤ 12 days 95,75% 95,65% 96,40% 95,30% 84,40%
Average nº days in replying 4,25 5,9 5,7 6,2 6,5
Level calls attended to /received 93,1% 98,8% 92,5% 89,9% 85,7%
ISC note 8,93 9,16 9,15 9,14 8,6