BSM, Silence and SEAT MÓ join forces to install electric motorcycle battery swapping stations in car parks


The agreement is a double pilot test that will allow Silence and SEAT MÓ to install battery swapping stations for electric motorcycles in three BSM car parks, thus promoting more sustainable, planned urban mobility  

The pilot tests are part of EIT Urban Mobility’s ECOSWAP project, which depends on the European Union, while the Silence test is also part of the eCharge4Drivers project, which has received European funding

The project is yet another step forward in BSM’s mission to transform its car parks into service hubs with a concentration of urban mobility solutions that meet citizens’ new needs

The Aparcaments BSM network is the most extensive in Barcelona, with 44 car parks distributed throughout the city’s districts and neighbourhoods. Now it is taking a further step in its commitment to transforming its car parks into mobility service hubs that go far beyond vehicle parking. Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM) has launched a double pilot test with Silence and SEAT MÓ to assess the possibility of developing a network of battery swapping stations for electric motorcycles. 

The project, which is another way of promoting sustainable and planned urban mobility, is being carried out in the BSM Cotxeres de Sarrià, BSM Pl. Navas and BSM Gràcia Motos car parks, where battery swapping stations have been installed for these two brands’ electric motorcycles, which use the same removable batteries. 

At these battery swapping points, users of these vehicles who are registered in the shared battery system (Silence) or who have rented a motorcycle (SEAT MÓ) can take a charged battery and leave the depleted one, thus avoiding the waiting time for recharging.

Battery swapping stations are exclusively for these two manufacturers’ motorcycle models. When a user detects a low charge, they can locate the nearest swapping station and reserve a battery on the Battery Station mobile app, which is compatible with both brands. Once there, they deposit their depleted battery at the swapping station and grab a fully charged one. 

These two pilot tests, promoted by BSM, will last one year. Both are part of EIT Urban Mobility’s ECOSWAP project, an initiative of the EU’s European Institute of Innovation and Technology, and the Silence test is also part of the eCharge4Drivers programme, a project co-funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, in which Barcelona is participating through BSM. 

Aparcaments BSM, a promoter of new urban mobility 

The aim of BSM is to improve the quality of life for people by creating positive experiences to build a healthy and innovative Barcelona. One of its goals is to contribute to the drive for more sustainable, planned, connected and shared mobility. 

The company is currently in the process of gradually transforming the car parks in its network into spaces that go beyond vehicle parking to include new urban mobility services and solutions, always with the user in mind. 

These changes respond to new social habits and needs related to the transition to e-mobility and the expansion of new forms of personal mobility, and their common denominator is digitalisation and the use of new technologies. 

EIT Urban Mobility 

EIT Urban Mobility is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a European Union body. It aims to provide innovative solutions and accelerate the transition to a truly multimodal, integrated and user-centred transport system. It is also Europe’s leading urban mobility innovation community, working to foster collaboration between cities, businesses, education, research and innovation to solve cities’ most pressing needs. 

One of the projects it is spearheading is ECOSWAP, in conjunction with SEAT MÓ. This is a consortium comprised of manufacturers, local organisations, institutions and cities that are seeking to improve electric motorcycle mobility in cities and make it more efficient. Specifically, they are working to develop a sustainable system of fast-charging, swappable batteries that would allow people to purchase an electric motorcycle without a battery. Further information here.  


The eCharge4Drivers project is co-funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to promote new technological solutions for charging electric batteries in cities. It has around 30 partners across Europe, including Barcelona, which participates through BSM.  


Silence is ACCIONA’s brand of electric vehicles. The company uses its own proprietary technology to develop zero-emission motorcycles and cars with swappable batteries. In 2022, Silence was the European leader in electric motorcycle sales for the fourth consecutive year. The brand closed the financial year with a 22.7% market share. Silence is about to launch the S04, a small two-seater urban car that also uses swappable batteries.


In 2020, SEAT MÓ was unveiled as SEAT’s new business unit responsible for selling micromobility products and mobility services. It has launched onto the market two electric kickscooters (SEAT MÓ 25 and 65) and three electric motorcycles (SEAT MÓ 125, SEAT MÓ 125 performance and SEAT MÓ 50). It also offers electric scooter and motorcycle subscription services, as well as a motosharing service in Barcelona, with the Barcelona City Council responsible for the licences. Continuous innovation in products, services and new business models is one of the company’s missions in its bid to accelerate the change to personal, sustainable electric mobility.

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