Over 600 5th and 6th year primary school pupils take part in the first Park Güell STEAM  


Park Güell has joined the project to promote scientific vocations organised by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech (UPC) 

The pupils, from schools near the park, put into practice their knowledge of maths, science, art and technology in discovering the secrets of Antoni Gaudí and Modernist architecture 

For the first time this morning, Park Güell provided the setting for the STEAM activities organised by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM) and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech (UPC) through the Barcelona East School of Engineering (EEBE). It involved the participation of over 600 children from the 5th and 6th years of primary school, a stage in education that has also incorporated the STEAM project for the first time. 

Pupils from ten schools, including three from neighbourhoods near Park Güell, worked on their curricular competencies in maths, science, art and technology while discovering the secrets of Gaudí’s work and Modernist architecture. They did so in three activities run by students from the UPC’s EEBE, along with two shows. 

In the day’s first activity, the children built round and catenary arches with different pieces of wood to discover which ones could be used for construction and the use of arches in architecture. 

The second activity challenged pupils to create a dome out of rods and elbow joints, stimulating planning and optimisation of material and human resources. 

In the last activity, the children discovered the history and architecture of Park Güell through an investigative game involving different elements of the park to discover a treasure valued by Gaudí. 

The first Park Güell STEAM event also included a show involving maths and dance inspired by the geometric shapes used by Gaudí and a demonstration of the importance of structure in both buildings and our brain, presented by neuroscientists. 

Upcoming STEAM sessions

With today’s session, Park Güell hosted STEAM activities organised by BSM and UPC for the first time. The programme for promoting scientific and technological vocations among primary and secondary school pupils continues on 20 March 2024, when the Parc del Fòrum will become a giant laboratory for students in the 4th year of compulsory secondary and non-compulsory baccalaureate education. 

The STEAM activities for the 2023-2024 school year conclude on 16 April in the Palau Sant Jordi arena and on 8 May in Tibidabo. In total, 7,000 students are expected to take part over the 2023-2024 school year.

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