Endolla Barcelona opens to the customers of five new operators


Bosch, Zunder, Wenea, Efimob and Spirii are joining the interoperability strategy launched by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM) to promote the use of electric vehicles and offer users the best experience 

Their inclusion means there will now be 10 electro-mobility suppliers integrated into the Endolla Barcelona network 

Customers of these operators will be able to see and use Endolla Barcelona’s charging points on their usual electromobility app  

BSM’s electromobility network, Endolla Barcelona, will be adding five new operators to their interoperability strategy. Bosch, Zunder, Wenea, Efimob and Spirii customers will be able to use Endolla Barcelona’s charging points without having to download a new app. The integration will be carried out gradually, at the start of 2024.

This means that there will now be 10 operators and suppliers of electric mobility integrated into the Endolla Barcelona network after the first five companies joined last year in a first phase: Electromaps, Etecnic, Iberdrola, Place to Plug and Shell Recharge Solutions. 

This permeability makes Endolla Barcelona a public service that places electric-vehicle users at the centre, providing them the best experience. Thanks to these additions, users can locate any of Endolla Barcelona’s 720 charging points from their usual electromobility app, activate charging from their mobile device and pay quickly and easily, without the need for making a new registration or downloading another app.  

BSM thus continues to make progress in its commitment to promoting the use of electric vehicles. For the First Deputy Mayor and Chair of BSM, Laia Bonet, “interoperability is currently one of the most notable challengesfacing electric mobility, and public-private alliances such as these represent big advances. The Endolla Barcelona agreement with these five electromobility operators, and those yet to come, will make the charging infrastructure more accessible, not just for Barcelona’s residents, but for all visitors alike”. 

Olivia Arago, the Managing Director of Bosch Charging Solutions, likewise points out that “making electric-vehicle charging simple is essential for improving its acceptance and eliminating concerns over limited operating ranges. The interoperability agreement with Endolla offers drivers of electric vehicles the possibility of planning their routes better and accessing more charging points throughout Barcelona. We are working with Endolla and its close to 1,000 charging points, to increase the total number of public-access charging points in 30 European countries, which has so far reached over 600,000”.

A message shared by Daniel Pérez, the CEO of Zunder, for whom this agreement represents an important step in its commitment “to promote electric mobility and provide solutions for electric-vehicle users, as well as offer users the comfort and flexibility they need. Zunder clients can now enjoy a more fluid charging system, free of complications, in the Endolla Barcelona network, without the need for downloading additional apps”.

Alberto Cantero, the CEO of Wenea, also celebrates the possibility of offering clients the possibility of charging at Endolla Barcelona points through the platform. “Customers choose Wenea for its reliability and ease of use and for the wide cover we offer in fast and ultra-fast charging. Completing our network with Endolla Barcelona means increasing the range of charging stations on offer to our clients, while keeping all the advantages and payment methods associated with Wenea. Endolla Barcelona’s range of interoperability offers is a benchmark in public-private collaboration in the field of electric mobility”.

Martin Costa, the Managing Director of Efimob, asserts that “integrating with Endolla Barcelona will grantimproved experiences to users inside and outside car parks, providing simple universal access to the charging infrastructure, through our digital platforms”. That, he adds, “strengthens our commitment to electric mobility and decarbonisation of transport, inside and outside cities.”

Finally, Tore Harritshøj, the CEO and co-founder of Spirii, insists that “this partnership with the BSM charging points network will make the daily lives of our app’s users even more comfortable. It makes the charging process easier for them and reduces the concern for operating ranges”.

Endolla Barcelona, the Spanish State’s leading public electromobility network 

Boasting 720 charging points, Endolla Barcelona is currently the Spanish State’s largest public electromobility network, with an average 96% availability of service. Endolla Barcelona also plans to have 1,000 charging points operational by the end of 2023. 

The city has 12.5 public-use points per km2, with a charging point for every existing 16.5 electric vehicles. These figures make Barcelona the second largest European city in number of charging points per km2, after Stockholm; and the fourth largest in number of points per resident, after Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

The new charging points will be located in the B:SM Car Parks Networks, where 7 out of every 10 existing points are already concentrated. This roll-out strategy is promoting a uniform expansion throughout the city's neighbourhoods, making it easier for Barcelona residents without charging points at home or work to take leap to electromobility. 

Installing these new charging points in car parks will also help to minimise the occupancy of public space, reducing other parking-associated effects and encouraging planned recharges during off-peak hours. The supply of on-street charging points - designed for unplanned, quick recharges - will remain the same. 

Endolla Barcelona currently has 19,000 users and an average of 11,500 charging operations a month. 

BSM: sustainable mobility services for a better quality of life

Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM) is one of the main service companies in Barcelona. In recent years it has become a leader in managing mobility services and looking after public spaces, as well as a notable cultural and leisure operator.

BSM encourages sustainable, planned, integrated and connected mobility through the SMOU app. It also promotes the development of Endolla Barcelona, the most extensive public charging network in Spain, and manages the Bicing shared-bicycle service, the regulated street parking service (AREA) and B:SM's car parks network, the largest in Barcelona.

The company also makes a significant contribution to professional mobility through solutions such as the SPRO app, aimed at goods distribution and tourist transport professionals. It also manages the Zona Bus parking and bus stop areas and Barcelona Nord Station, which is being transformed into the city's main local tourist transport hub.

Innovation, digitalisation and continuous improvement are the driving forces behind BSM's work to improve citizens' quality of life. 


Bosch Charging Solutions is part of Bosch Mobility, the largest business area of the Bosch Group, which is working for safe, sustainable and exciting mobility. The Bosch charging network is constantly growing. By November 2023, it will have around 850,000 charging points in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. Car manufacturers, mobility-service providers and fleet managers can benefit from a service that can be personalised and integrated into vehicles to guarantee a perfect user experience and much greater comfort in driving electric vehicles. As a result, Bosch's charging services are making electromobility even more suitable for daily use.


Zunder was founded in 2017 by Daniel Pérez and Lorenzo Antolín in Palencia. It is the highest-rated independent ultra-fast charging infrastructure operator by its sector’s users. The company currently has over 350 operational charging points. International-expansion plans already include the opening of the first ultra-fast charging station in France, to be followed by Portugal and Italy. They expect to have over 4,000 charging points operational by 2025 and to manage 40,000 through the platform, thanks to an investment of more than €300 million.


Wenea is the leading independent electric-vehicle charging operator, offering charging services to individuals, companies and public bodies. Its aim is to contribute to the transition towards sustainable mobility, deploying the biggest fast and ultra-fast charging network in the country, which is accessible from its platform. Wenea currently has over 1,000 charging points in Spain and aims to roll-out 5,000 charging points by 2025. It excels in the public and private charging solutions market, offering extensive urban and inter-city cover through strategic agreements. In addition, it offers fleet- and electrification-management services for companies, hotels and others, with a platform focusing on meeting the needs of electric-vehicle customers. Its customer-care service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and customers can access over 100,000 charging points in Europe, under its interoperability agreements.


EFIMOB is an engineering company specialising in the development of software for managing and monitoring charging networks for electric vehicles, as well as supplying and installing charging infrastructures for both private organisations and public authorities alike. Focusing 100% on electric mobility, its professionals have over 10 years’ experience in the sector. EFIMOB has been part of the TELPARK group since 2022, managing over 450,000 parking places, enabling it to continue leading the electric-mobility market and the digitalisation of services geared to charging-point energy efficiency, installations and operations. 


Spirii is an international electromobility platform that offers software solutions for payment-collecting companies and operators for building, managing and scaling up their business. Spirii also offers user interfaces, including apps and online environments, which enable electric-vehicle drivers to use charging stations worldwide. Spirii currently operates in 18 countries covering two continents.

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