Endolla Barcelona starts the year with 1,000 charging stations installed and usage up by 33%


The electromobility network provides over 12,000 monthly vehicle charges. More than 12,500 people registered with the service in 2023. 

In one year, Endolla has added over 300 new charging stations through a capillary expansion strategy, so the city now has 15.7 public-use stations per km2

Endolla Barcelona, the Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM) electromobility network, now has 1,000 stations installed throughout the city. In 2023, 289 new stations were added to the network. 

Endolla Barcelona is implementing a capillary expansion strategy to spread to all the city’s neighbourhoods equally. The growth of the network, which has received funding from the European NextGenerationEU funds, continues to ease the switch to electric vehicles for Barcelona citizens who don’t have a charging station at home or work. 

Today, Endolla Barcelona is the largest public electromobility network in Spain. The city has 15.7 public-use stations per km2, with one charging point for every 25 electric vehicles on the road. 

According to the Mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni, ‘Barcelona began 2024 by reaching a notable milestone: 1,000 charging stations in the public electromobility network’. Collboni stressed that ‘a good charging station infrastructure that citizens and vehicle manufacturers can rely on is essential to the transformation to electric vehicles’, and added that ‘the Catalan capital is leading the commitment to electric vehicles in both Spain and southern Europe with the Endolla Barcelona network, which has grown equally in all neighbourhoods to reach as many citizens as possible’. Along the same lines, the Barcelona mayor stated that the network was ahead of the demand and that ‘the aim is to support citizens in the transition to a mobility model that permits progress towards lowering polluting emissions to make the city more sustainable’.  

Usage has risen by 33%, with an average of almost 12,000 charges a month 

Endolla Barcelona registered a total of 142,862 charges in 2023, 33% up from the previous year. The number of users has also risen, with 12,521 new people registering. This brings the total number of service users up to 28,000. Both figures confirm Endolla Barcelona’s upswing, which set yet another record since it began operations.  

Last year also saw the public electromobility network open up to the customers of five new electromobility operators, namely Bosch, Zunder, Wenea, Efimob and Spirii, in addition to the five incorporated the previous year (Electromaps, Etecnic, Iberdrola, Place to Plug and Shell Recharge Solutions). 

By including these new operators, their customers can now use Endolla Barcelona without having to register specifically with the service simply by using their usual electromobility app. With this milestone, Endolla Barcelona is now even closer and more accessible to citizens. 

In total, the BSM electromobility network supplied 1,635,580 kWh, up 44% from the previous year. 

In environmental terms, the energy supplied by ENDOLLA BARCELONA in 2023 enabled electric vehicles to travel 43 million kilometres. If this distance were travelled by combustion vehicles, it would generate around 9,000 tonnes of CO2

Sustainability, innovation and public-private partnerships, Endolla Barcelona’s main lines of work  

Besides anticipating demand to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles, Endolla Barcelona aims to support the sector in a number of challenges facing electromobility, including smart energy management and prioritising sustainable, planned charges. To move in this direction, the public electromobility network is participating in a number of different innovation projects, many of which involve public-private partnerships. 

The projects started in 2023 include the pilot to test the scheduling of electric vehicle charging in Aparcaments BSM car parks using trough periods in energy demand. This project is part of the European eCharge4Drivers programme.

Last year also saw progress in the innovation project to develop a mobile charging station capable of moving on its own to cover different parking spots, and a basic, easy-to-use and maintain charging station. Specifically, two companies have been chosen to implement these proposals as part of the Barcelona City Council and BSM’s InnovAcció Programme 2030. The companies are, respectively, the Californian start-up EV Safe Charge and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech spin-off, teknoCEA. Both solutions, currently in the development phase, will be tested in 2024. 

Endolla Barcelona has also enabled the test to incorporate battery exchange stations for electric motorbikes in Aparcaments BSM car parks. The aim is to offer pre-charged batteries to users to make urban mobility easier and more sustainable. In this case, the pilot tests are being run by Silence and SEAR MÓ as part of the European EIT Urban Mobility ECOSWAP and eCharge4Drivers projects. 

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