Port Olímpic begins the final design phase for its Culinary Balcony 


BSM has begun the selection process for the three food shops that will complete the Port Olímpic's offer of culinary establishments

It has also authorised the tender process for the last planned restaurant, which will complete the ten food projects already awarded spots, maintaining the Port's commitment to culinary quality and variety

Work on the Moll de Gregal quay is progressing at a good pace, allowing a glimpse of the new appearance of the Culinary Balcony, an innovative architectural project that will increase the dialogue between the port’s interior, the beach and the city

This November, BSM has opened the tender for selecting the three food shops that will complement the eleven restaurants planned for this new food area. 

There will be three 85 m2 establishments located on the lower level of the Culinary Balcony, in the squares being built as spacing features between the various restaurants. The location of the shops will contribute to making these areas places for relaxation and leisure, complete with vegetation to enhance harmony with their surroundings. This is also where the steps and lifts connecting the city with the Port's interior will be located, thereby improving accessibility. 

In keeping with the architectural approach to the Culinary Balcony as a whole, the shops will all have a characteristic glass façade. This will ensure maximum visibility and transparency for the interior, fostering interaction with the Port's activities.  

The items that the shops will be selling are meant to complement the culinary approaches of the restaurants, with high-quality take-away products available to the sailing community, people who work in Port Olímpic and the surrounding area and those who are visiting the Port's facilities or enjoying nearby beaches. 

The idea is also for the shops in to be different from one another, in order to ensure diversity. This is why the tender provides for different categories of establishments: from a shop selling gourmet products to a grocery shop, an ice-cream shop and a patisserie, among others. The selection process prioritises, and will pay special attention to, the shop concept, the quality of the produce on offer and the ambiance of the interior design. As in the rest of the Port Olímpic project, opting for sustainability as a cornerstone of the shop's business activity will also be taken very much into account. 

In parallel with the food-shop tender, BSM has also begun the selection process for the last of the eleven planned restaurants. The process will be governed by the same criteria of excellence used in the previous tender: food quality, the style of cuisine and products, the design and ambiance of the interior and the sustainability measures established to reduce its impact on its surrounding area. 

In order to continue fulfilling its commitment to culinary diversity, the Port is seeking a restaurant that is completely different from the projects already awarded spaces, which range from market cuisine to establishments involving culinary innovation. 

24,000 m2 already undergoing transformation, which will improve the Port's relationship with the city and its beaches 

The advanced state of the work makes it possible to see the Culinary Balcony taking shape. This area, measuring 24,000 m2, will mark a new era in Port Olímpic's relationship with the city and its beaches. 

On the Moll de Gregal quay, under the scaffolding, you can already see the structure of the four upper restaurants. One of the project's most emblematic features, the planned photovoltaic canopies, will be built above them. The new entrance opening out onto Nova Icària Beach is also visible, as are the three vertical connection hubs where the squares/viewpoints, steps and lifts will be located, favouring links between the Port's interior, the beaches and the city. 

The construction work, with a budget of €20 million, is scheduled to finish in late summer 2024, coinciding with the start of the America's Cup youth and women's regattas, which will be held in Port Olímpic. 

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