Port Olímpic finalises its Culinary Balcony


BSM has completed the selection process for the three food shops that will complete the Balcony’s offer of food and beverage establishments

It has also selected the last of the 11 restaurants that will be located on the Culinary Balcony, completing the creation of a varied, high-quality restaurant offering for different types of clientele, all with a Barcelona flavour

The construction work on the Moll de Gregal quay is entering a decisive phase, making it possible to divine the transformation of the area and the dialogue that it will create between the port’s interior, Nova Icària Beach and the city

Target achieved. Right on schedule, BSM has completed the process of selecting the three shops and the final restaurant to be located on Port Olímpic’s Culinary Balcony, completing the offer in the new 24,000 m2 food and beverage area focused on quality, variety, design and sustainability, which is due to open at the end of this summer.

The three food shops were selected for their ability to offer a range of products that would complement what is on offer in the restaurants. Their interior design and sustainability were also key considerations. They are the Faborit health food shop, the Esferic ice cream shop and the Les Muns pies shop. This means that the Culinary Balcony will also provide services outside the main meal times. It can therefore cater to various customer profiles, especially the area immediately surrounding the port and the sailing community. 

The food shops will be located in three 85 m2 units located on the Culinary Balcony’s lower level, in the squares being built as spacing features between the various restaurants. Placing the shops in these areas will help to transform them into key places of relaxation and leisure, complete with vegetation to improve harmony with the surroundings. The stairs and lifts connecting the city to the port interior will also be located here, improving accessibility. 

In keeping with the architectural approach of the Culinary Balcony as a whole, the shops will all have a distinctive glass façade. This will ensure maximum visibility and transparency of the interior, promoting interaction with port activities.  

Port Olímpic: a varied, high-quality culinary offer with a Barcelona flavour

The last restaurant planned for the Culinary Balcony was also selected this month. The winning restaurant is Vraba, a concept of Catalan cuisine with Asian twists, designed by Grup Aventura, which combines culinary excellence with sustainable practices to create a positive impact through its activities. 

This final selection completes Port Olímpic’s offer of eleven quality restaurants for all types of clientele, making this new, unique restaurant area a reality. The complete list of restaurants forming part of the Culinary Balcony is as follows: 

  • Sagardi (World cuisine - innovation)
  • El Tribut (World cuisine)
  • Pantea by Hermanos Torres (World cuisine)
  • Cangrejo Loco (Blue cuisine)
  • Super Local (Flexitarian cuisine) 
  • La Fonda del Port Olímpic (Catalan cuisine)
  • La Barca del Salamanca (Mediterranean cuisine)
  • Vraba (Catalan cuisine - fusion)
  • Taberna Gallega de Marcos (Seafood)
  • Platets (Tapas)
  • Casa Carmen (Cafeteria)

Construction work progressing well 

The Culinary Balcony will be a vital part of opening up Port Olímpic to the city and its beaches, and as work on the Moll de Gregal progresses, it’s now possible to imagine the final result. You can now see the upper structure, which will house four of the restaurants and the photovoltaic pergolas, one of the area’s iconic features, which will produce enough energy to cover the consumption of the port and nearby BSM facilities, including Barcelona Zoo. 

You can also see the entrance from Nova Icària Beach, which will allow access to Port Olímpic and the features that enable a dialogue with the beach and the city, including the viewpoints and the connecting stairs and lifts.

Construction work on the Culinary Balcony, with a budget of €20 million, is scheduled for completion in late summer 2024, coinciding with the start of the 37th America’s Cup youth and women’s regattas. 

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