Tibidabo welcomes 680,000 visitors and ends 2023 with 10% growth


The amusement park has expanded its range of shows and new ride features to attract more visitors

In 2023, Tibidabo held 22 solidarity days and increased its participation in educational programmes like Fisidabo, which attracted 2,600 students in their fourth year of compulsory education (ESO) and baccalaureate

More than 800,000 people rode the Cuca de Llum [Firefly] to the top of Tibidabo, 19.5% more than in 2022. The Tibidabo funicular railway won the Architizer A+ Award for the best sustainable transport project

More than 681,000 people enjoyed Tibidabo’s rides and shows in 2023. This is almost 10% up on 2022. The amusement park also saw an increase in the number of Tibiclub members. Currently, more than 21,600 families have signed up for Tibidabo’s annual passes, 8% more than in 2022. 

Virtual reality also gained a solid foothold in 2023 to augment the experience of rides such as the Roller Coaster, Tibidabo Express and Beyond. The creation of these new experiences reflects the park’s efforts to combine its historical personality with new technologies. 

Tibidabo also continued to offer shows for all audiences. The top hits were Tibidabo classics such as the Krüeger Hotel and the Dididado 4D cinema, which attracted 154,000 and 128,000 spectators respectively. The Marionetarium also welcomed more than 60,000 visitors, while 24,500 children came to meet the park’s mascots, Ti, Bi, Da and Bo. 

A particularly large number of people flocked to the amusement park during the Christmas campaign. More than 92,000 people visited Tibidabo to enjoy its special Christmas programme, with iconic seasonal activities such as the 200 m2 sustainable ice rink installed in Plaça dels Somnis, which welcomed more than 12,000 people.

After the Christmas programming, Tibidabo Amusement Park closed the 2023 season and will open its doors again on 2 March.

An educational, socially conscious amusement park

In addition to its leisure activities, Tibidabo’s other strategic areas are education and solidarity. A total of 22 solidarity and education days were held there in 2023. One of the regular activities in its programme is Fisidabo, which allows students to learn about science, technology and the environment. This year it reached record numbers thanks to the participation of more than 2,400 students in their fourth year of compulsory education (ESO) and baccalaureate. 

In the spirit of solidarity, the park held its traditional yearly events, such as Connecta’t al Blau [Connect to Blue], Posa’t la Gorra [Put Your Cap On!], Gran Festa del Cor [Big Heart Festival], Tibidavis and the Cançó de Pau [Song of Peace]. The park also renewed its partnership agreement with UNICEF to defend and promote children’s rights. This agreement, which dates back to 2012, has enabled over 100,000 children in Madagascar and Guinea Bissau to go to school and over a hundred schools to be built.

The Cuca de Llum, an international benchmark in sustainable mobility

In addition to the amusement park’s growth, the Cuca de Llum [Firefly] has strengthened its role as the main way for groups to reach the top of Tibidabo, with more than 806,000 users in 2023, 19.5% more than the year before. These figures are a reflection of the park’s efforts to promote sustainable access to the mountain and its commitment to the environment. 

The Tibidabo funicular railway has also become a global benchmark for green mobility, winning the international Architizer A+ Award for the best sustainable transport project.

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