Tibidado to open a new free-fall ride in the spring 


The amusement park opens its doors for the new season this Saturday 2 March, with the goal of attracting more than 700,000 visitors

The new ride will be 52 metres high and will offer a 360º view of Barcelona from 500 metres above sea level

During the new season, the park will renovate its viewpoints and offer new features such as a new educational space Creatibi, a meet&greet with the characters from Hotel 666 and new shows suitable for all audiences

Tibidabo will open its doors this Saturday 2 March, kicking off a new season featuring the opening of the new 52-metre-high free-fall ride, which will become one of its star attractions. 

The free-fall ride will fit 24 people and will elevate visitors to 500 metres above sea level, providing them with a 360º view of Barcelona thanks to its circular design. 

The ride is in currently being assembled, and its opening is scheduled for this coming spring. The total cost of construction is €2.4 million.

While awaiting the arrival of the free-fall ride, the park is opening the new season with a new Lego Room experience. The new CreaTibi by Lego space, in conjunction with Abacus Educació, offers a programme aimed at fostering scientific vocations. The space's décor takes inspiration from woman's landing on the moon and provides educational materials for children to engage with robotics-related content for the first time.

The park is also introducing new naming system for each level. They will now be named from top to bottom as Àrea Panoràmica, Somnis, 666, Xerinola and Aventures. Level 666 will undergo the most changes in 2024: the hotel will be given new name, Hotel 666, and will offer terrifying new experiences. A new feature will also open, the Espai 666, a new meet&greet that will delight visitors and allow them to meet the most iconic characters of Hotel 666 and take photos with them... if they dare. 

In this new season, the park will unveil its renovated viewpoints, which were refurbished the previous year. The Àrea Panoràmica viewpoint, located at the highest point on the mountain and affording the best views of Barcelona, has been equipped with new furniture to enhance the visitor experience. At the Somnis viewpoint, a stereoscopic image exhibition is will be inaugurated, showcasing the 3D format used in the nineteenth century, while the new 666 viewpoint, located next to the Espai 666, will continue with the horror theme that characterises this iconic level of the park. 

This new season, Tibidabo will also revamp its entertainment, with shows suitable for all audiences, and it will promote new charitable initiatives such as the ‘Gotes pel món’ campaign, held in conjunction with the educational project 'Tu també pot', which invites schools to submit initiatives aimed at improving the world. 

A season to consolidate 2023’s growth

Tibidabo kicks off the new season with the aim of maintaining its upswing in recent years. The park ended 2023 with 681,000 visitors, a 10% increase over 2022, and expects to welcome over 708,000 people this year. 

Tibidabo also expects to reach 900,000 passengers on the Cuca de Llum funicular, compared to the 806,000 recorded last season. The Cuca de Llum funicular has become a symbol in Tibidabo Amusement Park's environmental strategy at its entrance, as the first ride visitors experience during their visit. In recent months, the Cuca de Llum funicular has received up to five international awards, including the Architizer A+, the International Design Awards and the LOOP Design Award, among others. 

A park committed to sustainability, solidarity and education

In addition to being one of the city's most emblematic spaces, Tibidabo continues to aspire to be more than just a park, with initiatives that extend beyond the continuous improvement of the experience, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability, solidarity and education. 

In terms of charitable initiatives, the park maintains its alliance with UNICEF to carry out actions to support children's rights worldwide. Additionally, it will host more than 20 charity events with organisations such as Educo, Aprenem Autisme and Fanoc, among others. 

Recently, Tibidabo has been awarded the Biosphere Certificate in recognition of its commitment to a responsible and sustainable tourism model that cares for the environment and the social impact of its activities. 

Regarding its educational programme, Tibidabo will host new editions of Fisidabo and Mes de la Física (Physics Month), organised in conjunction with the UPC to promote scientific and technological vocations across different educational stages. The park will also feature sports activities, such as the celebration of the third edition of the Tibicursa fun run, and cultural events, hosting performances by human towers (castellers), dance displays featuring giants (balls de gegants) and gypsies as part of the park's Festa Major programme. 

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