Tibidabo to launch the new Espai 666 during Holy Week


The amusement park will be launching a brand-new horror experience where visitors get to meet and have their photos taken with the most iconic characters from Hotel 666

During Easter Week, Tibidabo will be open every day between Wednesday 27 March and Monday 1 April

The Tibidabo amusement park heads into its Holy Week programme with the launch of one of the most eagerly anticipated attractions of the new season: Espai 666. A new horror experience where, for the first time, visitors will get to meet and have their photos taken with characters from Hotel 666. 

After discovering the secrets of Hotel 666, visitors will enter the new Espai 666, where the horror characters that live in Tibidabo will come out of the pictures and mirrors that decorate the room to give them one final fright. 

The Park will also be extending its programme of shows at the Marionetarium theatre and performances of the Tibidabo mascots throughout Holy Week, and a booking system will be set up for the virtual reality experience Beyond in the same attraction. 

Coinciding with the school holidays, the amusement park will open every day between Wednesday 27 March and Monday 1 April. 

A season packed full of new attractions and experiences

The extended opening during Holy Week offers visitors the opportunity to discover the new attractions being launched at Tibidabo in 2024, such as the new CreaTibi space by Lego Education. An educational attraction where children have the chance to experiment with science and robotics to complete the Artemis mission, which is preparing to land the first woman on the moon. 

Visitors will also be able to enjoy the Park's renovated viewpoints, such as the Panoramic Area situated at the highest point of the mountain and with the best views over Barcelona, or the Somnis viewpoint, which is showing a new exhibition of stereoscopic images, the 3D format of the 19th century. 

In 2024, Tibidabo hopes to continue enjoying the growth it has experienced in recent years by exceeding 700,000 visitors. The Park has started the new season with good visitor numbers, averaging over 4,000 visitors per day in the first three weekends of activity. 

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